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Training staff is vital according to the Economist - Yes, but start with the culture

It is clear that Continuous Learning should be at the top of any manager’s agenda. Interesting (and somewhat scary) article in last week’s the Economist More staff training is vital:

“A European Commission report last year found that 15% of workers lacked even basic digital skills, while 88% of companies had taken no action to deal with the problem.”

” Training is even more important in a world of rapid technological change, where low-skilled tasks are increasingly being automated and artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming many services jobs. To have a chance of a long, high-paying career, workers need retraining.”

Yet it is difficult to allocate time to send staff to trainings, it is costly, and not always the most effective form of knowledge transfer. Instead start by making curiosity, learning and increasing the team’s accumulated knowledge an intrinsic part of the company culture if you want to remain relevant and thrive in the 21st century.

Sad read is that many companies are scared that “workers may take advantage of their education to transfer their skills to a rival”. That doesn’t sound like an engaging culture with a passionate team and very short sighted.

At HI Upgrade we have identified 5 insights and 5 behaviours that serve as tools to transform your team’s approach to learning, increasing creativity, spurring quality innovation and employee engagement. Perfect theme for the team kick-off!

If you are curious, don’t hesitate to reach out philip@hiupgrade.com

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