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The possibility that AI and robots will take over cognitive and complex jobs has been discussed for a while now. Signs of that this is really happening are showing up more and more often. Last week we could read that AI was better than skilled dermatologists to diagnose skin cancer. To educate a new skilled dermatologist takes about 12 years of school, then about 7 years of university and perhaps 10 years to get experienced at quite a high cost. In contrast, a new skilled “AI-dermatologist” can be copied in-numerous times in no time at very low cost. Needless to say, we can expect similar development for most other jobs as well. What about your job?  

As the Economist points out in this week’s leader, most jobs require more than just a specific task. This will allow AI to focus on what it is good at and help scale up, lower costs and give access to more people. Humans focus on many of the other things humans do better. So in other words, the possibilities are huge for the ones that will take advantage of these innovations.

Independently of what happens, if you as individual and organization want to remain relevant in your field, and even better, if you want it to be among those taking advantage it requires curiosity and a learning mindset, both as individual and organization.

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