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7 years of missed sales innovation!

I spoke with a CEO of a B2B company a few weeks ago who was considering to invest in a course on the Challenger Sale methodology for his sales team. It was quite a considerable investment for the team of about 20 persons not only in direct cost, but also in alternative costs of having 20 persons not doing their normal job for two days. This is nothing unusual and common practice on how most companies approach training their staff.

The point is that this course was based on the book “the Challenger Sale” by Mathew Dixon which I know can be a powerful framework. Of course they should learn from it, and I don’t doubt the course is good either, but the book was written in 2011 and now it is 2018. So in other words they are lagging 7 years behind in sales innovation!

Had they applied Radical Learning they would not only have saved a lot of direct and indirect costs. More importantly, they would have applied this knowledge already in 2011. In addition they would also have been able to leverage the learnings from the follow up, The Challenger Customer, and other great sales ideas and related insights presented since.

Radical Learning is part of a framework gearing up organizations and teams to thrive in the 21st century - an era of accelerating change with huge opportunities to those that are able to embrace them.

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