Technology is developing faster and faster and it is not likely to slow down. This will have a tremendous impact on society, organizations and individuals. It will mean a lot of new challenges as people will have to adapt, but also an incredible amount of opportunities for those that can take advantage of all new possibilities.


At the same time humanity is facing big challenges such as climate change, raise of AI, fake news, increased globalization, but also a chance to continue to make this a better world for all humans. As we are in the Anthropocene age, this is in our hands - but mistakes can have big consequences.

Ben Parker (Spiderman’s uncle) once said: “With great power, comes great responsibility”. H.I. Upgrade exists because we truly believe that to be responsible and thrive in this accelerating environment humans need to be curious have an active life-long learning mindset, be fact based and innovate towards making a better world for all humans and living things on earth.


Philip Henriksson

Philip is passionate about lifelong learning and true learning cultures as he sees curiosity, a habit of learning and a large bank of knowledge as the foundation for creativity and quality innovation. “The good thing with being a bit lazy by nature is that the question: Is there a better way to do this? - comes quite naturally”

With 14+ years in B2B environments in both large corporations and fast growing tech start-up companies, Philip has been fortunate to gain unique experiences and wide perspectives. He has had leading roles in international complex business, leadership roles, played key roles in building up business development-, sales and customer success processes, establishing and training organizations and leading through fast changing environments. Philip sees himself as a global citizen and has lived, worked and studied in Sweden, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, USA , Canada and Tanzania.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the first employee and responsible for many administrative tasks at HI Upgrade. She has a lot of knowledge and mainly helps manage tasks. She loves to tell facts, answer all sorts of questions, schedule things and is good at reminding. She has a learning mindset and thinks it “is amazing to work with Philip” …but then she also knows who is paying the electricity bill.